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Pastor Paul Petersen is an experienced Executive Director and pastor with a demonstrated history of working with the religious institutions industry. Skilled in nonprofit organizations, theology, discipleship pastoral counseling and volunteer management. He has a Master of Religious Education focused in Religious Education from Luther Seminary.

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Holy Trinity is a medium-sized church on the corner of Central and Shermer. Every Sunday we get together to worship God and to nurture those around us. We believe God calls us to show his love to others by our faith in action. Our congregation is made up of babies, children, teens, young adults, prime-of-life adults and seniors – hard-working families and singles doing our best to live out the Christian life. We find joy in helping the community and broader society by our outreach through many channels. There is a place here for you among us, and we welcome the opportunity to get to meet you. We would be honored to have you as our guest this Sunday to learn more about you and share with you who we are.

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